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This is Brenda's basic brush set of 10 brushes. 

Not all brushes are used for each painting.

Some paintings suggest using additional special brushes. Those can be obtained from your local retailer or ordered from the manufacturer.


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**Below is a description and sku number for most of the brushes in the basic set above, as well as others offered by Royal Brush **


Flat Bristle Brush
Langnickle Large Area Artist Brush

L280-2 size 2 inch

Aqualon Angular Wisp Brush

R2165 size 1/2 inch
Large Round Bristle SG400R size 12
Large Flat Bristle SG400F size 12
Medium Flat Bristle Brush SG400F size 6
Small Flat Bristle Brush SG400F size 2
Small Bristle Fan SG405FB size 2
Comb (also known as multitexture or rake) SG730 size ½ inch
Filbert Comb SG930 size ½ inch
Angular Brush SG1160 size 3/8 inch
Small Flat Detail SG152 long handled flat sizes 2,4,6,8,10

Golden Taklon Shader

SG150 size 4
Combo Bright SG3010 size 4, 6 & 8
Small Round SG252 size 2
Liner SG595 size 2
 Long Liner SG585 size 0
Mop SG1400 size ½ and  3/4 inch
Sea Wool Sponge R2007 size 4
  Stylus SG95 (soft grip 3 per package)
White Graphite
Gray Graphite Paper
  Square Brush Basin RD325  




Some of Brenda's older books recommend brushes by different names or manufacturers, such as the Multitexture brush, made by Grumbacher.  It has been discontinued. Brenda now use a comparable brush called a "comb" made by Royal.  She use Royal brushes because they are value priced and easily attainable. The Royal Brushs that Brenda usees can be substituted for and are comparable to the brushes used in her prior books.   

Check with your local
art supply/craft store or click on links below to order additional brushes not included in Brenda's basic set.

More brushes can be seen on RoyalBrush Website 

For additional products visit   www.DickBlick.com  and   www.RoyalBrush.com

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