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Magic of Acrylics
Book 4


This book is another testament to the fact that Brenda is a highly skilled teacher and author who will give you all the instruction you will need to succeed as an artist. Brenda Harris method of creating beautiful canvas painting is time tested and proven. As with all Brenda’s books, this one contains clearly written instructions, patterns and over a hundred color photographs of the detailed step-by-step progression from beginning to end necessary to complete these four painting. Even if you have never painted before, her instructions successfully guide you to create beautiful paintings that you will be proud to display. This book is full of techniques that when practiced and mastered will give you the power and skills to paint these and many more beautiful painting. You will be successful whether using the same products as shown or using your choice of similar products such as colors and brushes because the detailed photos in the products section make it easy for even a novice to cross reference paints, brushes and tools with what you will find in your local art and craft stores. So, if you cannot get into one of Brenda Harris’s paint-along classes, her “how-to” books are for you. They are the next best thing!


Projects in this Book
Cape Hatteras
Halls Grist Mill
Scissor Tailed Flycatcher
The Reading Room


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