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Lovely Landscapes

Lovely Landscapes
North Light - Volume 3




Let beloved television painter, Brenda Harris, show you how to paint charming landscapes in acrylics! You'll quickly learn basic color mixing and brushwork techniques, then put your skills into practice with 10 beautiful step-by-step painting projects. Brenda even gives you templates for each project and specific tips for painting clouds, water, trees and many more landscape elements.

Even if you've never picked up a brush before, you can paint a cozy woodland bungalow, a majestic waterfall and all of the other lovely landscapes in this book. You'll enjoy painting for years to come - get started with Brenda today!



Projects in this Book
Lazy River
Out for a Stroll
Palm Trees in Paradise
Pemaquid Lighthouse

Riding the Wind
 Seaside Gallery
 Sierra Falls
Stone Ground
Timeless Reflections
Welcome Home


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